Cake stands are an important element in decorating your cake

Cake Stand

Cake stands are an important element in decorating your cake

Cake and pastry stands are not just for cake decoration. Of course, when you place the guest cake on the stand, all the equations fall apart. You will have one of the best layouts. In this article, we will leave the best ideas for decorating and using the cake stand.

When the name of a wedding party evening is mentioned, the first images that come to mind are those delicious sweets or that chocolate cake or white cake decorated with flowers.

The reception tables’ flagship separates the rest of the food, to place above all; this is where you start to buy a cake stand. We are going to choose it together.

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What is its diameter? What color? Cake bases usually have standard dimensions. They start at 20 inches to 45 inches for multi-tiered wedding cakes. If you choose it for home consumption, if its surface diameter is 25, it can withstand a weight of 15 kg. Depending on the cake and sweets you have, you can use cake bases with different designs and colors. In general, neutral colors are the procedure for any kind of sweets and any color and cake design can be heard. You can set the cake-base based on the theme of the party or the colors of your party table, But if you want to spend it for once, we suggest neutral colors as the base of your cake.

This is making a standing cupcake for parties and especially birthdays


  • Ionolite
  • Gift wrap
  • Matte glue
  • Ribbon
  • Stick a ribbon around it.

Wrap ribbons around the Ionolite you lay between the floors. Then glue the floors together.  You can also cover with fondant paste. Melt the gelatin in water and then use it as a glue. Rub the bottom of the side completely with this glue. Open the fondant dough and smooth it with the fondant iron. Take the extra hash. And stick a ribbon around it. And seal on the fondant to find the design. Put the cupcakes in your class stand.

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