How to Make Halo-Halo step by step

How to Make Halo-Halo step by step

How to Make Halo-Halo step by step

Do you know how to make Halo-Halo step by step? Halo-halo (pronounced haa-low haa-low) is a delicious frozen dessert that will keep you cool during summer. It’s a pick-your-own-adventure dessert with preserved fruit, sweet beans, shaved ice, and ube ice cream that’ll keep you cool on hot days. Do you know how to make halo-halo step by step? Here is a simple and delicious Halo-Halo recipe.

What is halo-halo?

The Tagalog phrase halo-halo means “mix and mingle.” It’s a tiered dish with sweetened beans on the bottom and a mixture of preserves on top. It’s then piled high with shaved ice sprinkled with evaporated milk. A scoop (or many) of ube ice cream and a piece of leche flan sit atop the halo-halo. Then we add a dusting of pinipig (Filipino puffed rice) and a crispy wafer roll to finish it off.

A Japanese desert

Before WWII, Japanese immigrants in the Philippines were the originators of halo-halo. Many people came to work on abaca plantations in the early twentieth century. Many Japanese folks packed a cool treat called kakigori to help them cope with the oppressive heat.


Kakigori is a Japanese ice cream dish mixed with syrup and shaved ice. During the 1920s and 1930s, it became popular in the Philippines. The current halo-halo was developed when the Japanese taught the Filipinos how to preserve beans and other root crops in sugar syrup.

A layered dessert

Because halo-halo is a layered dessert, everyone has a distinctive way of eating it. Some people like to combine it all together so that you get ice chunks, ice cream, and preserves all in one bite. Some people prefer to eat the ice cream first, then the milky ice and preserves. It’s entirely up to you how you want to enjoy your halo-halo.

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Ingredients of halo-halo recipe

  • Ice
  • Milk
  • Ice cream
  • Pinipig leche flan
  • Chickpeas
  • Macapuno
  • Coconut milk nata (coconut jelly)
  • Sugar palm fruit
  • Sago (tapioca pearls)
  • Strips of Langka

Optional ingredients of Halo-halo recipe

  • Gulaman
  • Sweet potato
  • sliced saba bananas
  • halaya ube
  • Corn

How to Make Halo-Halo step by step

How to Make Halo-Halo step by step

Halo-halo recipe direction

Step 1: Layer the fillings

Fill the bottom of your tall glass with the following ingredients: chickpeas, tapioca pearls, nata de coco, sugar palm fruit, macapuno, and lanka strips. Then add the shaved ice on top. Make it extremely tight by packing it down with your hands!

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Step 2: Top with even more

Drizzle evaporated milk over the ice and serve with ube ice cream on top. Place a wafer cookie on the edge of the ice cream and a piece of leche flan on top. Finally, a sprinkle of pinipig will complete the dish.

Step 3: Serve

Because the halo-halo will get messy, serve on a small dish. The ice will melt into the ice cream over time, resulting in a milkshake-like consistency. Sipping, mixing, and scooping up the tiny goodies from the bottom may all be done at the same time.

Tips: Use shaved ice

Shaved ice is the greatest form of ice to utilize. Many shave ice machines come with ice molds to use, and some can even shave regular ice cubes. You might even be able to make powder soft ice with a high-end blender.

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