How to prepare delicious desserts


How to prepare delicious desserts

Do you get excited when you see a delicious chocolate cake in front of you? Or are you excited to see delicious and exciting cupcakes? You must have heard about the fact that cakes and Desserts can be useful for your health. In the continuation of this article, we will provide you with five benefits of eating Desserts so that from now on, you can taste your Dessert with more pleasure and without worries.

1- Desserts are rich in nutrients. Carbohydrates are essential nutrients for the body that are overlooked in many diets, which is why people are so eager to eat Dessert. Although Desserts are not the best alternative to carbohydrates, they are a great way to save your mind and body.

2- Desserts boost your mood and make you a happier person. Have you ever felt how much better and more joyful you are after eating your favorite Dessert? This feeling is quite real—your mind and body’s mood changes in a positive way when you eat your favorite Dessert. With the help of this scientific process, from now on, you can safely taste and enjoy your favorite Desserts. This is one of the most beneficial things you can do for your body.

3- Another benefit of eating Dessert is that it helps you to have better control over your weight. Sweets are one of the biggest reasons why diets fail. Most people on a weight loss diet do not eat Dessert after a meal to get closer to losing weight. However, research has shown that people who eat Dessert and change their diet have been more successful at controlling their weight. This is true because eating a small amount of Dessert will reduce your appetite for foods, increasing your weight.

4- Desserts are one of the best ways to add fruit to your diet. Fruits are an essential part of your daily diet of nutrients that keep you healthy, strong and immune to the disease. But you may not get enough of it during the day.

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5- Desserts can eliminate the adverse effects of diets. Patients in hospitals lose their appetite due to illness, and it is easier for them to eat sugary foods, carbohydrates and low-calorie foods than to eat other foods. Research has shown that when you stop eating sweets altogether, your body does not produce the glucose it needs, and you become energy less. Diet can cause mental disorders such as distraction.

Many Desserts are so complicated that you can’t cook them every day, but not all desserts have this feature. Now you will learn the recipe of a popular Dessert that does not need to be baked. One of them is No-bake Cherry Cheese Cake.

Ingredients for the bottom layer:
250 g of powdered chocolate biscuits
125 g of melted butter

Ingredients for the middle layer:
Cream cheese 400 g
Whipped cream 300 g
Sugar 50 g

Ingredients for the top layer:
Pureed cherries 300 g
Sugar 125 g
Lemon juice 1 tablespoon
Water 1 cup
Gelatin powder 2 tablespoons

Powder the biscuits in a food processor and then mix with the melted butter. Pour the resulting ingredients into a bundt and flatten it.
Mix the cream cheese, whipped cream and sugar and beat it thoroughly to get a soft, one-handed cream.

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Pour half of the resulting cream over the biscuits and strain. Stone the cherries and put them in a blender, then put them with 125 grams of sugar, 1 tablespoon of lemon juice and 2 cups of water in a saucepan on the heat to boil. Come on; Turn off the flame and add two tablespoons of gelatin powder.

Pour half of these ingredients as the third layer on the ingredients. Now pour another layer of white cream and cover it with sour cherry sauce.
The Cherry cheesecake is ready to serve.

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