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Food history: Hot Dog

Food history: Hot Dog

Food history: Hot Dog

Hot dogs are generally considered a popular American-made fast food, but in fact the origins of this popular sandwich go back to Europe and Germany. Join us in the ” Food history: Hot Dog” article to learn more about the history of hot dogs.

Take a look at Food history: Hot Dog

Frankfurt in Germany is traditionally known as the origin of sausages and later hot dogs in the world, so the German sausage is also known as Frankfurter in many parts of the world.

However, this claim is refuted by those who claim that the popular German sausage, called the dachshund or little-dog, was invented in the late 1600s by Johann Georghehner, a butcher from Coburg. .

According to them, Georghehner later traveled to Frankfurt to sell his new product; Of course, we should not forget that the Germans called their favorite sausage dachshund because it bore a strong resemblance to small dachshund dogs with a slender body.

Food history: Hot Dog

German sausage is said to have been invented in 1487, just five years before Christopher Clamp set out to discover a new world.

The people of Vienna in Austria consider this city to be the birthplace of Hot Dog. Meanwhile, Hot Dog in North America seems to have been born from the massive influx of European sausages by butchers of various nationalities. There is still doubt as to who first served dachshund sausages with a loaf of bread.

A German immigrant is said to have sold his hats along with grated bread and cabbage on a cart in the 1860s.

Where did the name Hot Dog come from?

Some claim that the term originated in 1901 on a cold day in April in New York. “The sausages are hot and red,” said vendors who were shouting to sell their sausages. “Come and get your hot, red dachshund sausages.” New York Journal sports columnist Todd Durgan, who was watching the scene, hurriedly drew a cartoon of a fried dachshund sausage wrapped in bread. Unsure of the pronunciation of the word dachshund, he simply wrote below it: “Hot Dog.” The painting is said to have been the source of inspiration for the word hotdog. However, historians have not been able to find the painting, despite Durgan’s outstanding character.

Food history: Hot Dog

Kraig, another food historian, refers to student magazines that began using the term hotdog in the 1890s. The term was common at Yale University in the fall of 1894, when carts were sold to dogs in dormitories in Hotdog. This name was kind of a joke about the meat used in sausages.

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The origins of dachshund sausages and eventually Hot Dog can be traced back to German immigrants of the 1800s. These immigrants brought not only sausages but also dachshund dogs to the United States. Most likely, this name was used as a joke about small, elongated German dogs. In fact, even the Germans called these sausages “little dogs” or “dachshund ” and associated the word “dog” with their favorite food.

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