History of pasta in Italy

 History of pasta in Italy

History of pasta in Italy

For many years, the recipe for different types of pasta has been circulated in different parts of the world, and even restaurants with this title have been opened in different cities and countries to preserve the Italian food culture and give you the most diverse list of different types of pasta. In this article, we have gone to the History of pasta in Italy and we want to introduce 5 of the most famous Italian pastas to you.

Take a look at the History of pasta in Italy

When and by whom was the first pasta prepared?

Pasta is an important and valuable part of Italian food history. Wherever the Italians migrated, they brought pasta with them; So today pasta is not known as a popular Italian dish but as an international dish. Unlike other foods used to make pasta, such as cheese and sauces, pasta has a much longer history, which may require recounting ancient legends. With these interpretations, do you no longer expect us to tell you when and by whom the first pasta was made?

According to the available evidence, in the first century AD, there was a type of noodle in Italy that was prepared from durum wheat flour (flour used in the production of modern pasta) and baked in the oven. Although the baking form of this type of noodle was not similar to pasta, in the history of pasta, it can be considered the most similar option to today’s pasta. There is evidence to suggest that the production and cooking of this type of noodle was the basis for the preparation of the first models of pasta, but still it can not be equated with the Italian pasta. In fact, the country will have to wait several more centuries to produce its most popular food.

Italy represents pasta or pasta represents Italy?

The boundless interest of Italians in this food has caused them to remember these two names together in different parts of the world. It can no longer be said that pasta is just a famous Italian dish. Pasta has become an important part of the country’s history, and its important role in shaping Italian food culture cannot be ignored.

Italy is one of the largest producers of durum wheat in the world, but despite this love and interest in pasta, Italy with its wheat resources is only able to meet 60% of the country’s need for pasta. There are about 300 different shapes and types of dried pasta in this country, each of which can be used to prepare a new dish.

Get acquainted with 5 delicious and popular Italian pastas!

Italian pasta can be divided into two categories. The first category is pastas that are completely vegetarian and suitable for vegans. No animal protein is used in the preparation of this type of pasta, and the sauce used in their preparation is usually a vegetable sauce such as marinara sauce, pesto sauce or spinach sauce.

The second category is pastas that are prepared with a variety of sauces from tomato sauce to bechamel sauce, mushroom sauce and alfredo sauce, and have a type of animal protein in their recipe. Now this protein can be a piece of meat steak, a few pieces of grilled chicken breast or even some fried shrimp. This type of pasta is more popular among fans of Italian food.

1- Alfredo penne pasta with chicken breast

 History of pasta in Italy

Alfredo penne is one of the most popular Italian pastas, which is prepared with pasta in the form of penne, mushrooms, chicken breast and Alfredo sauce. If you use some chopped parsley in the recipe, it doesn’t matter anymore. Penne Alfredo can be introduced as the best option for the first experience of eating pasta with cream sauce and milk.

2- Spaghetti Carbonara

 History of pasta in Italy

Carbonara is the name of a classic Italian pasta that is usually one of the first suggestions of chefs in the menu of Italian dishes for customers. The sauce of this popular pasta is prepared with a combination of egg yolk, meat and cheese and is served on hot pasta. In the preparation of this pasta, no milk or cream is used and the pasta is boiled in water as usual.

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3- Al pomodoro spaghetti (tomato and basil)

 History of pasta in Italy

As the name suggests, among the types of pasta sauces used to make spaghetti, the sauce used in this dish is tomato sauce. To make Italian Al pomodoro spaghetti, cook the mashed tomatoes with a pinch of salt and pepper and finally serve with noodles and garlic on the pasta in a noodle form.

4- Pasta with pesto sauce

 History of pasta in Italy

The fourth most popular Italian pasta ranks pasta with the popular and delicious pesto sauce. This pasta is usually cooked in the form of photochini, but you can use any type of pasta to prepare it. The recipe for pesto sauce is not difficult either. You will need some fresh basil, peanut butter, garlic, olive oil and salt for this sauce. Mix these ingredients well and use to make pasta.

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5- Spaghetti Ragu

 History of pasta in Italy

It is not possible to enter an Italian restaurant, but do not notice the name of Ragu pasta in the menu. Ragu is a popular and delicious Italian pasta that is made by combining tomato sauce or marinara sauce with vegetables such as onions, parsley and celery, fresh basil and pieces of meat. Finally, this sauce is served on string spaghetti or photochini.

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