What food can be made from tomato?

We are preparing for tomato season. We fantasize about it all year. Okay, we’re a little obsessive. Nothing beats the sweet and tangy juiciness of fresh, seasonally available tomatoes. If you what food can be made from tomato, here are some fantastic ways to use up all of your summer tomatoes before the season ends. Get to work.

Tomatoes, Roasted

This may be my favorite tomato recipe out of all the ones I’ve tried. It’s quite easy to create, but the payback is immense.

Cherry Tomatoes

Cherry tomatoes take on a lovely chewy texture and deep umami taste after a few hours in the oven. Pile them on top of homemade pizza, combine them with spaghetti, or eat them all straight from the pan.

Muffins with Mini Frittatas

Cherry tomatoes add delicious, juicy pockets of flavor to these little frittatas. Make one for a quick weekday breakfast or a full-sized frittata for a relaxed weekend brunch.

Every day, lemons

In this lightened-up eggs Benedict, fresh basil leaves and juicy tomato slices are exquisite. But it’s the homemade sauce that puts it over the top. It’s creamy, zesty, and vibrant, with a cashew foundation.

Salad with Vietnamese Tomatoes

Tomatoes complement the acidic, sweet, and slightly funkiness of the dressing that tops this vibrant, deliciously herbaceous salad.

Tomato Caesar Salad

This tomato salad gets its power from an extra-thick Caesar dressing, which also protects it from sogging out at the picnic.

Hand Pies with Cheesy Tomatoes

This portable pocket of cheesy delight feels like your favorite pizza toppings found a new home in puff pastry.

Galette with Tomatoes

The gorgeous shapes and sizes of peak-season heirloom tomatoes truly set this galette apart.

Salad with tomatoes and plums with tarragon

Tomatoes and plum may seem like an odd salad pairing to some, but give this dish a try and we guarantee you’ll be converted. Delicious and ideal for outdoor parties. Cornersmith café in Sydney created this recipe.

Penne with tomatoes and olives

Quick, easy, and incredibly wonderful. What more could you ask for? Cornersmith café in Sydney created this recipe.

Panzanella with celery and tomatoes

This fresh and vivid salad is not only delicious, but it’s also a fantastic way to use up leftover bread. Cornersmith café in Sydney created this recipe.

Cannelloni with ricotta and spinach and tomato sauce

Do you know what food can be made from tomato? Cannelloni with ricotta and spinach is such a classic combination that you can’t go wrong with this hearty midweek supper. To save time and make dinner even easier, create the cheese sauce filling ahead of time.

Tomato passata recipe:

Learn how to prepare the traditional Italian sauce. Make your own tomato passata sauce with this simple recipe, which is ideal for tossing over pasta for a fast midweek meal. Cornersmith café in Sydney created this recipe.

Jamie Oliver’s huevos rancheros with frijoles

Do you know what food can be made from tomato? This huevos rancheros recipe is a twist on the traditional Mexican dish of eggs with spicy tomato sauce served on tortillas. The capsicum adds sweetness, while the chorizo adds a nice smokey flavor. It’s ideal for a late brunch. I like to add some beans to make it extra hearty and full of nutrients. Try any type – black, kidney, or whatever you have in the cupboard, suggests Jamie.

Shannon Bennett’s tomato and pickled cucumber

In principle, this is a basic salad, but the Italians know how to elevate it to the next level. Seek out exceptional produce and employ basic techniques, such as oven-roasting the tomatoes, to reproduce the incredible depth of flavors, adds Shannon.

Koshari with tomatoes and cauliflower

Tired of eating the same old thing for dinner? Do you know what food can be made from tomato Make this Egyptian-inspired cuisine in no time!

Piccante uova al pomodoro (eggs poached in spicy tomato sauce)

This supper is not only inexpensive, quick, and easy to make, but it can also be created using ingredients you’re likely to find in your pantry and crisper, so you’re never far from a wonderful family dinner.

Tomato and garlic blisters Afghan flatbread

I adore the taste of grilled tomatoes, and spreading them over this bread with herbs and garlic makes a lovely snack before sitting down to a dinner.

Salad with tomatoes and plums by Matt Preston

Sweet plums, salty ricotta, and juicy tomatoes mix the greatest summer tastes in one vibrant meal.

Spelt tart with tomatoes and pesto and zucchetti salad

This tomato and pesto pie with zucchetti salad dish is an excerpt from our new book, Feel Good Food.

Meatball spaghetti with cherry tomatoes

This sausage and spaghetti dinner is ideal for the entire family.

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