What habits to avoid at restaurant

What habits to avoid at restaurant

What habits to avoid at restaurant

Please take a seat.

It’s tempting to take a seat yourself and spare the hostess the bother when she’s busy. This may appear to be helpful, but it might really make her work (and the servers’ tasks) more difficult. The restaurant runs well because the hosts have a method for dispersing tables. When you arrive, if the host is busy, wait a minute or two before summoning someone for assistance.

Not paying attention to the specials.

You’re at your favorite restaurant, and you’re craving the same old thing. But don’t interrupt the waiters when they’re listing the daily specials and soups. That`s another habits to avoid at restaurant. You may believe you’re saving them time and effort, but interrupting isn’t courteous, regardless of the cause. Learn how to avoid the etiquette blunders that virtually everyone does when dining at a steakhouse.

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Excessive chit-chat with the hostess or waitress.

Another habits to avoid at restaurant is excessive chit-chat. It is not courteous. Of course, we want to be nice, but if the venue is crowded, personal inquiries should be kept to a minimum. A sincere smile and a thoughtful tip may go a long way toward making someone feel valued. Next, locate your state’s small-town hidden treasure eatery.

It’s time to clean up.

Oops! You knocked a glass of wine off the table and want to make the staff’s lives as easy as possible. While this is acceptable, the staff does not want you picking up shards of glass. Allow them to take care of it after an apology. This is another habits to avoid at restaurant.

When you’re done, push the plates aside.

This is something I’ve done before. It appeared to be a good signal to clear the dishes, but it really makes them more difficult to reach and clutters the table for your guests. Leave them alone—a competent waiter will keep an eye on you and inquire whether you’re finished.

What habits to avoid at restaurant

Ordering in a language you don’t understand

Your waitress prefers that you order your dish exactly as it appears on the menu. If you’re in a nice Italian restaurant, they’ll be able to assist you with the pronunciation of pasta fagioli al forno (and we can help you find the perfect recipe). If you see spaghetti and meatballs on the menu, don’t ask for spaghetti e polpette from your server (the Italian translation). This will just complicate your order.

Not disturbing the employees in any way.

Please inform your server if you want additional water or coffee, or if your soup is cold. A courteous request is preferable than developing anger and a tiny gratuity. Most waiters really want you to enjoy your dinner, but they can’t read our minds.

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Not requesting all you require.

We understand that informing your waiter of numerous faults with your order might be awkward—but servers would rather repair many issues at once than make repeated visits back to the table to discover that your fries were underdone AND you were missing a fork. Are you guilty of any of these blunders in the drive-thru?

Helping with a tray

It might appear like a balancing act when your waitress arrives at the table with a platter full of beverages or food. While it may be tempting to help your waitress with some of the burden, please don’t! Servers are experts at balancing even the most perilous load, and grabbing that bread basket or glass to “help” may send the entire tray off kilter. When your waitress places your dish down, you may help by putting your glasses, phone, or other items out of the way.



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