What is the most delicious way to prepare meat roulette?

Recipe: How to prepare meat roulette

What is the most delicious way to prepare meat roulette?

Cream is not the first taste that comes to mind when we think of making roulette. When the name roulette is mentioned, our thoughts turn to fatty and delicious desserts. Well, expand your horizons, because this is not the only way to make an exciting roulette! Meat roulette is a very special recipe that is usually served in the family for parties or ceremonies. Anyway, this food is unique, pleasant and great for a party!

Special foods like these may scare you a little bit because of the roulette process. But this instruction is not as painful or complicated as it seems, and it is well worth it. The perfume has an exceptional taste and quickly becomes popular among your guests.

Recipe: How to prepare meat roulette

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Ingredients for meat roulette

Minced meat 300 grams

Onions one large number and one medium number

Chopped parsley half a cup

Barberry three tablespoons

Paste two tablespoons

Salt, turmeric, red pepper, black pepper and garlic powder as needed

Recipe: How to prepare meat roulette

How to prepare meat roulette

1-Grate the large onion and squeeze the onion juice thoroughly.

Add the grated onion to the minced meat and season the meat with salt and spices. The spices needed for meat roulette include: turmeric, red pepper, black pepper and garlic powder, which you can add to the meat ingredients according to your taste.

2-Knead the meat ingredients well until it is completely sticky, then knead in the refrigerator for an hour.

3-Open a plastic freezer and lightly grease the plastic.

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4-Spread the meat on a plastic plate half a centimeter thick in a rectangle. Then spread parsley and barberry on the whole meat.

5-Roll the meat gently (do not rush at all) and finally fix the edges with a fork so that it does not open.

6-Pour a little oil in the pan and fry the roulette on all sides (turn it with a spatula) until the meat roulette is a little cohesive.

7-In the second pan, finely chop the medium onion and fry, then add a little turmeric, red pepper and tomato paste and fry the onion.

8-Add a glass of boiling water to the sauce. When the sauce starts to simmer, pour over the roulette and allow the roulette to taste good and the nuts to cook for a very low flame.

9-At this stage, the meat roulette is ready to serve and it is enough to put the roulette in the desired dish and cut it with a sharp knife.

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