How to make quinoa salad dressing

How to make quinoa salad dressing

How to make quinoa salad dressing

If you are a quinoa salad fan, you have come to the right page! Here, we will tell you how to make this salad which is packed with nutritious ingredients such as quinoa and fresh ingredients, like bell pepper, tomato, and cucumber. And guess what? We will finish the post with 5 different fresh quinoa salad dressings.

How to make a quinoa salad with fresh Mediterranean flavors

This quinoa salad recipe gives you a healthy salad in just a few minutes. Eating healthy dishes will make you feel good and craving for more healthy foods.

This quinoa salad is a good choice for your lunch, and also a great way to get a fair amount of protein while eating lots of vegetables.

Since this quinoa salad is a cold salad, not only is it delicious but also very refreshing. Taste this salad and you might want to buy double the ingredients next time that you go shopping.

How to make a quinoa salad

Ingredients to make a healthy quinoa salad

  • Quinoa: cook the quinoa the day before and let it chill.
  • Red bell pepper: if you already have another color don’t bother to buy a red one.
  • English cucumber: you can also use standard Persian cucumbers. Just remember to peel them.
  • Grape tomatoes: they will add beautiful color to your salad. You can also use other kinds of tomatoes, but the grape tomatoes are sweeter.
  • Carrot: it will add a pop of color to your salad, and you don’t have to worry about it being overly crunchy since we use it grated in this salad.
  • Red onion: if you think red onions are a little too bold, you can rinse them before adding them to remove some of that harsh bite.
  • Chickpeas: cook ¾ cup dry chickpeas. You can also omit them from the recipe or use cannellini beans instead.

How to make a Quinoa salad

  • Cook the quinoa the day before.
  • Prepare your dressing and keep it in the refrigerator.
  • Roast the red bell pepper.
  • Chop and prepare other ingredients.
  • Toss the ingredients and dressing of your choice together in a bowl and serve.

How to make quinoa salad dressing

5 different quinoa salad dressings

Now that you know how to make a quinoa salad, it’s time to see what dressings go well with quinoa salad. Here, we will tell you about 5 different quinoa salad dressings.

Quinoa is delicate and fluffy, so, it’s better to serve it with a loose vinaigrette dressing rather than a thick dressing.

Citrusy dressing

You can dress your salad with lemon juice, shallots and olive oil, and even some chopped herbs. If you don’t like the bite of lemon juice, you can add a little honey, or use some fresh orange juice. Want your salad to taste like Asian/Latin dishes? Use lime juice instead of lemon.

How to make quinoa salad dressing

Soy-ginger dressing

Whisk rice vinegar with soy sauce, scallion, grated ginger, and sesame oil (optional) and enjoy your Asian-inspired quinoa salad dressing.

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Smoky-spicy dressing

If you have added some Mexican or Southwestern ingredients to your quinoa salad, try the adobo sauce from canned chipotles. Too hot for you? Add some honey or brown sugar.

Warm-spiced dressing

If you like your healthy quinoa salad to have a North African-inspired taste, whisk ginger, cumin, coriander, turmeric, and cinnamon into the dressing. You can add some cayenne pepper if you like it to be hot.

Pesto dressing

This dressing is a little thicker than the other four as it is made of lots of sturdy vegetables. But try to use a saucy pesto and not a pasty mixture.

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