Recipe for making persimmon tart, a delicious tart and a favorite of children

Recipe of persimmon tart

Recipe for making persimmon tart, a delicious tart and a favorite of children

Ingredients for persimmon tart

For Crust:

Biscuits 2 packs

Melted butter 70 g

Vanilla dent 1/2 pack

For filling:

Cream cheese 200 g

Confectionery cream 350 g

Peeled persimmon puree 1 cup

Gelatin powder 2 tbsp.

Hard persimmon to decorate

Persimmon tart is a great dessert for fall and winter. Persimmon lovers should definitely try this delicious dessert. Of course, even if you do not like persimmons, you can use this easy recipe and just use your favorite fruit puree instead of persimmon puree. However, be careful not to use very loose and watery fruits. With this recipe, you can prepare a large persimmon tart or prepare several tarts using several small tart molds.

As mentioned, persimmon tart is very easy to prepare and does not even need to be baked.

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How to make persimmon tart

First, chop the biscuits thoroughly with a food processor or beat with a meat grinder until completely powdered. Then add the melted butter and half a packet of chocolate dent and mix well with the biscuit powder to form a dough. Pour the biscuit dough on the bottom of the tart pan and press it to the bottom and walls of the mold until it is completely cohesive and sticks to the wall of the mold. This will make it less difficult for you to remove the tart from the mold.

Now put the tart tin in the refrigerator for half an hour to get its own dough. During this time, prepare the ingredients inside the tart. First, apply gelatin powder and water. That is, melt a pot or kettle and put it on the flame to boil. Then place a container containing half a cup of water and gelatin powder on the flame and stir until the gelatin dissolves in the water and the water is heated.

Beat the pastry cream with a mixer until it swells and takes shape. Then mix it with cream cheese and persimmon puree. Add the cooled gelatin powder to the rest of the ingredients and stir again. Taste the ingredients at this stage. If you want the ingredients in the tart to be sweeter, add a little powdered sugar. Of course, the pastry cream itself is sweet enough and gives a good soft sweetness to your tart. However, the amount of sweets depends on your taste.

You can also add a drop of orange food coloring to your ingredients to make it more colorful. This amount of persimmon gives a light orange color to the ingredients, which of course does not matter if you want to decorate the tart with more persimmon.

Pour the cheese ingredients on a crust or biscuit base and flatten it a little with the back of a spoon. Then put it in the refrigerator for 4 hours until the ingredients harden a little and take hold.

After this time, your persimmon tart is ready. You can remove it from the mold. Garnish it with persimmon as desired and cut.

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